Top 5 Hydraulic Hose Manufacturers in China 2023


Hydraulic hose, also known as industrial hose, is an important component widely used in the soft connection of various equipment in various industries. It carries the important task of transmitting liquid medium and energy, and is widely used in engineering machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, aerospace and other fields.

However, when it comes to finding high-quality hydraulic hose, there are often challenges. There are many brands of hydraulic hoses in the Chinese market, with varying quality and product performance. You will inevitably worry that improper selection will lead to adverse consequences such as equipment failures and production accidents. Faced with this situation, it is particularly important to find a reliable hydraulic hose manufacturer. Only by choosing an enterprise that has undergone strict quality control and has rich production experience and technical strength can the hydraulic hose be stable and reliable in use and provide lasting protection for the equipment.This article will provide you with a list of China's top hydraulic hose manufacturers!


What is a Hydraulic Hose

A hydraulic hose is a pipe used to transfer liquid media. It usually consists of an inner pipe, a reinforcement layer and an outer sheath. The inner pipe is used to transmit the liquid medium, the reinforcement layer (usually a steel wire braid or steel wire spiral layer) is used to increase the pressure resistance of the hose, and the outer jacket is used to protect the internal structure.

Hydraulic hoses are widely used in hydraulic systems in various industries, such as construction machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, aerospace and other fields. They carry the important task of transferring pressure and fluid delivery. In the hydraulic system, hydraulic hoses connect hydraulic components and equipment, transmit the pressure and power of the liquid medium (usually hydraulic oil), and realize various hydraulic actions and controls.

Hydraulic hose has good pressure resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can adapt to various complex working conditions. At the same time, the hydraulic hose also has a certain degree of flexibility and bendability, which is convenient for installation and use. In order to ensure the quality and safety of hydraulic hoses, strict quality inspections and performance tests are usually carried out.

There are many kinds of hydraulic hoses, and hydraulic hoses of different materials and specifications can be selected according to different working pressures, fluid media and working temperatures. Therefore, when selecting hydraulic hoses, it is necessary to select the appropriate type of hoses according to the specific usage scenarios and requirements to ensure the normal operation and safety of the hydraulic system.

List of Top Hydraulic Hose Manufacturers

In order to facilitate you to find suitable hydraulic hose suppliers and exporters, we have specially listed the relatively excellent manufacturers in China.


1. XCD Machinery


As an excellent manufacturer of hydraulic Fittings in China, we can provide you with high-quality hydraulic hose products. Our products are produced under the ISO 9001:2008 quality control system. With a brand-new system, efficient management, and excellent product quality, our factory is widely welcomed by customers.

Established: 1980

Address: Qingdao, Shandong


Main Products

  • Wire Braided Rubber Hose


2. Qingdao Qingflex Hose Factory


Qingdao Qingflex Hose Factory was established in 2008, registered capital 168 million RMB, is located in Qingdao West Coast New District (Huangdao District), is a National high-tech enterprise, who focus on R & D and manufacturing hydraulic hose according to DIN standard and SAE standard, Japanese stand and GB standard.

Established: 2008

Address: Shandong China


Main Products

  • Smooth cover steel wire braided hydraulic hose
  • Wrapped cover steel wire braided hydraulic hose
  • Wrapped cover steel wire spiral hydraulic hose
  • Fiber reinforced rubber hose
  • Hose Assembly
  • Oil Drilling Hose


3. Fushida Rubber Technology Co., Ltd.


They are a professional manufacturer of rubber hoses. The company now covers an area of 50,000 square meters and has a standardized workshop of 20,000 square meters. There are 100 employees and more than 10 engineers, including 5 senior engineers. The company has strong technical force, sophisticated tooling equipment, complete testing equipment, advanced production technology and perfect quality management system.

Established: 2006

Address: Shandong China


Main Products

  • Hydraulic Hose Din En Standard
  • Industrial Hose
  • Steel Wire Braided Hose


4. Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd


Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. has been founded in the beginning of 1998, struggling to be a giant hose manufacturer around the world. Its main products consist of all kinds of hydraulic hoses, including low, medium and high pressure, which are often found in various hydraulic systems.

Established: 1998

Address: Hebei China


Main Products

  • Low Pressure Hose
  • Medium Pressure Hose
  • High-pressure Hose




LUCOHOSE is a professional manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic hoses, industrial hoses, pvc hoses and rubber hoses. They are committed to providing customers with high-quality rubber and plastic hose products, enabling them to succeed in today's highly competitive market.

Established: 1983

Address: Yantai, China


Main Products

  • Industrial hose
  • Hydraulic hose
  • Composite Hose
  • PVC Hose


The Best Hydraulic Hose Supplier in China

XCD Machinery has been dedicated to the production of hydraulic hoses for over 40 years and has a wealth of expertise and technology. With these valuable experiences, they have successfully provided customized hydraulic hose solutions for various small and large enterprises.

Today, XCD Machinery has established a complete manufacturing plant in Shandong, China, and through this base provides high-quality products to more than 50 countries around the world. Their passion and enthusiasm for business make them constantly challenge themselves and go beyond the limit to provide innovative and high-quality solutions for various international brands. As an industry leader, XCD Machinery pursues excellence, not only strictly controlling the quality of products, but also committed to promoting technological innovation. Their professional team closely follows the industry dynamics, and constantly develops new materials and new processes to ensure that its hydraulic hose products are always in a leading position and meet the ever-changing market needs.

XCD Machinery has a global customer base based on their reputation for quality, service and reliability. No matter where customers are located, XCD Machinery provides support and assistance with efficient and considerate services, and becomes a reliable partner for partners to develop together.



In China, there are quite a few manufacturers in the field of hydraulic hoses. However, this does not treat them all as high-quality hose manufacturers. To obtain high-quality hose products, you need to find an excellent manufacturer. The above brands can provide you with excellent hose products.

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