What is Orfs Hose Fittings?


What is Orfs Fittings

The full name of orfs fittings is o-ring face seal fitting, which is a hydraulic fitting.O-ring face seal (ORFS) fittings are a highly popular and reliable choice in hydraulic and tube connections. Well designed ORFS connections provide a seal that is highly reliable due to its elastomeric seal and is one of the best choices for a leak-free connection.


About the Application of Orfs Fittings

O-ring face seal SAE J1453 fittings are popular in hydraulic lines onboard off-road vehicles such as tractors, combines, and other heavy equipment used in construction. Due to the frequent vibration and actuation of components in off-road vehicles, it is extremely important to reduce or eliminate the number of potential leak points and incidences of leakage. The SAE J1453 standard for ORFS fittings covers dimensions, threads, fitting and O-ring materials, and performance requirements for use in hydraulic applications, as well as the interface of the O-ring face and nut portion hose stem assembly.



Zero clearance system - No need to spring or pull the tubing to insert or remove a fitting or other components for installation or maintenance.

Unlimited remakes - Fittings can be disassembled and reassembled many times. Simply replace the o-ring and tighten to recommended torque.

Forgiving assembly - Soft Seal fittings conform well to irregularities in the fitting face or sleeve. So, while proper technique and handling should be observed during assembly, the tube fitting is forgiving of assembly variation.


The Working Principle of Orfs Hydraulic Fittings

The fitting assembly seals when the bottom of the sleeve or tailpiece, which has been fixed to the tubing, compresses the o-ring in the face of the threaded fitting body as the fitting nut is threaded onto the external threads on the fitting body. The threading process draws the sleeve into full contact with the face of the fitting. Sleeves or tailpieces can be secured to the tubing either by brazing, welding, or mechanically flanging the tubing.


Professional Orfs Fittings Supplier

XCD is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic fittings and orfs fittings, and can provide you with high-standard orfs fittings products. They are compatible with Stainless Steel ORFS adapters from most manufacturers including Eaton Aeroquip, Parker, Gates, and Goodyear Hydraulics.

If you need to buy a large number of orfs fittings products, we can give a reasonable quotation! Welcome to come to know!

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