High pressure hydraulic fittings knowledge


High pressure hydraulic fittings, need to buy from good hydraulic fittings manufacturers. It also has some prevention of leakage at hydraulic fittings In the hydraulic system, whether metal pipe fittings or hydraulic hose fittings, there are easy to produce leakage.

For the crimp hydraulic fittings, mostly due to the pipeline by a larger external force or impact force, the sleeve lose or pipe end deformation caused by leakage, should check whether the sleeve is out of round, there is no defect edge, pipe end is intact and the clamping degree of the sleeve nut, at the same time to eliminate the external force of the pipeline.

For flaring type pipe joint, mostly due to excessive flaring, quality does not meet the requirements or multiple disassemblies, resulting in flaring deformation or cracks caused by leakage, at this time, the front end can be cut off for flaring again.

If the top pressure of the male and female cone is used for sealing, the leakage is mostly due to the damage of the two cones, and the cone can be ground with abrasive sand.

In cases where the "о" ring is used to seal against the face or outer diameter, the leakage causes are as follows:

(1) Leakage caused by aging or deformation of the "о" ring;

Improper assembly of "о" shaped ring, resulting in uneven pressure when connecting two planes or leakage caused by "о" shaped ring cutting; Leakage due to insufficient elastic deformation of "о" shaped ring due to uncompacted; Leakage caused by too deep " о" ring slot. In this case, an "о" ring with the same outer diameter and a thicker section shall be selected again. Also, the sealing plate with the check slot may be cut or ground to reduce the check slot-shaped depth and give the "о" shaped ring sufficient elastic deformation (compression shall generally be between 0.35 and 0.65mm).

For the use of oil resistant rubber board, wool felt, mild steel board, combined sealing gasket or sealant pipe joint leakage, no matter what the material, should first check whether the seal is damaged, deformation, aging, and roughness is too large, and then take the corresponding measures

Precautions for installation of high-pressure rubber hose fittings

When the hose is moving or stationary, it can not be excessively bent, nor can it be bent at the root, at least 1.5 times its diameter at the beginning of bending;

(2) The hose should not be pulled too tight when moving to the extreme position, and should be relaxed;

(3) Try to avoid the torsion deformation of rubber hose;

Rubber hose as far as possible away from thermal radiation components, necessary fashion insulation board;

Should avoid external damage of hose, such as long-term friction with the surface of components in use;

(4) If the weight of the hose causes excessive deformation, there should be support parts.


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